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About Us

We are the caretakers who listen, learn, inform, and guide. We believe our relationships create opportunities and provide solutions to difficult dilemmas.

We conduct business valuation due diligence, technology, and market research that identifies value and opportunities. Our impartial assessments recognize comprehensive possibilities for better decision-making.

  • We provide precise executive summaries and reports.
  • Our inquiry offers techniques that capture the vital objectives.
  • We organize campaigns to exhibit our client’s position within their association.

Edward Strickland, CEO, Principal Advisor

Edward, a serial entrepreneur that identifies nascent trends and offers insights, plus a former IBM Global Entrepreneur, who developed prototypes for IBM’s Smarter Planet Initiatives is the principal advisor and partner at Gbiz Inc., specializing in strategy and innovation implementation. He conducts enquiries, assesses business assets, and value proposition for venture capital investors. His analysis, evaluation, and verification are fact base valuations to help shape the decision making for venture capital investors before considerations are made to mitigate their risk and time.

Edward’s experience as a Regulation D, Security Exchange Commission 501 Accredited Investor, a committee member at Keiretsu Forum Capital for eight years, performed numerous assessments from diverse market domains, industries, and businesses. His involvement at Keiretsu Forum Capital influenced decision-making in Series-A funding and has provided him the vital skill to assess high-risk investments.

Edward is a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan School of Management Senior Executive Graduate Fellow (SE); has a Bachelor’s degree (BS) in Behavioral and Management Science from the University of San Francisco; a Master’s degree (MA) in Sports Science from the University of Northern Colorado; accepted and attended Stanford University School of Engineering, working toward a second Master’s degree (MSc) in Management Science; and has a Post Baccalaureate in Information Technology from Golden Gate University.

Barbara Strickland, President, Co-Founder

Barbara is a Social Architect and Certified WindTunneling Facilitator. She advises companies in their various stages of growth and provides expertise to develop business strategies. She administers in-depth due diligence for business acquisition transactions and oversees the transfer process. She leads businesses through the difficulties that complexity influences. She uses systemics methodology that identifies the unknowns and new potentials that enable innovation to emerge. Barbara’s practice of navigating complexity advances vast improvement for any size organization.

Barbara’s experience as a business owner of several franchises is beneficial for negotiating licensing, concerning intellectual property rights and property acquisition. She has performed several successful integrations for the organizational merger process.

Barbara’s education includes a Master’s in Business Administration degree (GreenMBA) in Sustainable Enterprise from the Dominican University of California and a Bachelor’s degree (BA) in Telecommunications from Indiana University.

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