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Gbiz, Inc., a consulting firm, established in 2009—assisting people in advancing their mission

Deal screening:

We work with investors who need their investment opportunities vetted. We offer insights into these prospective opportunities—our scope scales from a quick overview to a deep-dive due diligence.

We offer entrepreneurs strategies that focus on growth. We demonstrate the significance of the balance sheet and why it is the most important key metric judged by Venture Capital. We emphasize the importance of how to leverage capital and increase performance to create added value.

Asset evaluation for liquidity or transfer:

Our assessment identifies the liquidity value of a business. We consider asset valuation the precise measurements of costs and benefits. We determine the asset’s life spam and plan for future iterations of change development.

Outline resources for capital growth:

We generate reports revealing the growth possibilities. We make a clear case for all parties involved and create synergies of congruencies to build successful partnerships.

Product development strategy:

We evaluate product design and review the documentation, prototype(s), and production processes to make comparisons of similar competing methods. We explore opportunities for future product iterations.

Pricing strategies:

We believe pricing is essential to achieve equilibrium on the balance sheet. We devise pricing strategies addressing the supply and demand objectives. We identify when to set price strategies for two-sided market maneuvering to achieve economies of scale — to attain the network effect at a reasonable rate of return to the time value of money.

Establish an acquisition framework and exit planning:

We assist with all stages of a merger. We provide a precise timeline of the integration process. We assemble the needed documentation of the intellectual property, human resources, tax filings, legal, agreements, depository, business development, finance, and information technology to complete to transfer process.

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